The Finnish Elixi® linseeds, linseed oils, linseed crushes and nutritional supplements made from linseeds are the best sources of omega-3 and lignan, with which you can easily supplement your daily fatty acid, fiber and protein requirements


Elixi Flaxseed Products

Elixi flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, flax crushes and flax liquorice

Elixi Flax Tasty Crush

Blueberry, cranberry, apple-cinnamon and fruit – Tasty Multipurpose Flax Products

Elixi Hemp Products

Rich in protein, fiber and polyunsaturated fats in ideal ratio

Elixi Bene Nutritional Supplements

Patented nutritional supplements that promote health


The Elixi® linseed is a genuine Finnish superseed

1 It contains a large amount of fiber, lignan, protein, omega-3 and omega-6.

From a spoonful, you will get the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that your body craves, as well as important proteins and diverse fibers. The fiber of linseed is divided in an ideal way into soluble (1/3) and insoluble (2/3) fiber and its protein contains all the essential amino acids. In addition, you get an unbelievable amount of lignan from linseed, which is an important phytoestrogen.

2 It’s traceable and safe

The flax of Elixi grows in the fields of Finnish contract cultivators. Its traceability and safety are thus guaranteed.

3 The Oxysafe cold-pressing method ensures the best nutritional content and taste

The linseed products of Elixi are made by gently cold-pressing with the unique Oxysafe method in oxygen-free conditions at less than 37 C. In this way, the valuable nutrients and taste of the linseed are preserved.


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