The Elixi Bene products, Heartbene, Diabene and Gastrobene are made from Finnish flaxseed crush and are designed to naturally prevent the most common health issues with digestion, blood sugar and cholesterol.

Flaxseed meal-based food supplements for the health of Finns

The Elixi Bene series, developed by Elixi Oil, consists of three flaxseed meal-based supplements that have been developed for the health of Finns.

Elixi Bene supplements are designed for daily use as part of a varied and healthy diet. They are crumbly and fibrous preparations that are easy to add to smoothies, porridge or yogurt.

The Elixi Bene series products are available from pharmacies and  from our own online store.

Elixi Bene -sarja



For controlling blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.



For promoting the normal functioning of the stomachn


For bloodsugar

Helps the glucose levels of the blood to stay normal