The Elixi flaxseed products are excellent sources of dietary fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in daily nutrition.

    NewTasty Crushes

    Flaxseed oil products

    • Elixi Organic Flaxseed Oil 250ml

      Elixi extra virgin organic linseed oil

    • Elixi Plant Oil Balanssi 250ml

      A cold-pressed plant oil blend which contains omega-3, omega-6- and omega-9 in an optimal ratio.

    • Elixi Flaxseed Oil 250ml

      From Elixi Linseed Oil, you can get the fatty acids that are essential for your body

    Flaxseeds, crushes and flax sweets

    • Elixi Flaxseed 500g

      Elixi Linseed is a multi-purpose friend of the stomach.

    • Elixi Flaxseed Crush 300g

      With Elixi Linseed Crush, you help your stomach to function regularly

    • Flaxseed Crush Plus+ 300g

      Get fiber, calcium and vitamin D3, conveniently in one go!

    • Elixi Flaxseed Crush Fiber Protein 300g

      Elixi® Linseed Crush Fiber Protein contains a large amount of protein and is high in fiber and gluten-free.

    • Elixi Flaxseed Licorice 150g

      Small size pack of tasty Finnish linseed licorice

    • Elixi Flaxseed Licorice 750g

      Big size pack of tasty Finnish linseed licorice

    Nutritional supplements

    • Vegan Flaxseed Oil Capsules 90pcs

      From just two capsules a day, you get important building materials for cell membranes.

    • Elixi Heartbene® 300g

      For controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and promoting the normal functioning of the heart

    • Elixi Gastrobene® 300g

      For promoting the normal functioning of the stomach

    • Elixi Diabene® 300g

      For evening out fluctuations in blood sugar level