Elixi Oil Inc. is Finland’s leading flax refiner

The Somero-based Elixi Oil Inc. is Finland’s leading flax-refining company, set up in 1993. We specialize in the cultivation and refining of oil flax. We develop, produce and market special dietary oils and fiber products that promote health for consumers, the food industry and the producers of natural nutrients. The oil flax used in our products is grown through contract cultivation in southern Finland. Contract cultivation facilitates quality control and the traceability of the origin of the products.

Elixi Oil invests in the continuous development of its products. We carry out research and development work with the Universities of Turku and Helsinki, amongst others.



Elixi Oxysafe – Oxygen-free cold pressing

Linseed oil oxidizes easily and loses its positive characteristics when it comes into contact with oxygen and daylight. Elixi Oil is the only producer in the world to have developed its own Oxysafe cold-pressing method in which the access of oxygen into the production process is prevented. During production, the pressing temperature remains at less than 37 C. In this way, all the valuable characteristics of the oil are preserved unchanged, from the field to the plate.


Responsibility & organic cultivation

In the production of Elixi, all saleable seed is utilized. The best seeds are used for food-quality products. The technical grade of the seed crop is used as a raw material for fodder.

The flax used for nutritional products is partly farmed organically and its share is growing steadily. In organic cultivation, the guidelines for the use of fertilizer and cultivation are particularly strict.



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Elixi Oil Inc

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