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Tasty and healthy flax crush products from Finland – Elixi Tasty Crush is a nutritious and delicious blend of Finnish flax crush and dried berries and fruits. By adding even one spoonful of Tasty Crush daily into your meals, you can fill your intake of plant proteins, nutritional fiber and Omega-3-acids. Elixi Tasty Crush can be used with smoothies, yoghurts, quark or porridge.

The flax crush contained in Elixi Tasty Crush, is a produce of contract farming in Southern Finland. The nutritious crush products contain a lot of protein, fiber and Omega-3 and are completely gluten-free. The recommended daily intake is 1 to 2 T spoons. From that amount you get all the necessary additional Omega-3 you need for your body.

Raikas maku ratkaisee! - Elixi Makurouheista saat kuitua, lignaania ja Omega:3-a

Elixi Tasty Crush saves your busy mornings. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Tasty Crush into yoghurt, porridge or smoothie, and you’ll quickly enrich your breakfast with nutrients and delicious taste. The fiber of berries and flax crush nurtur your stomach and keep it full longer. Get inspired in the recipe section of our site.

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Finland – Elixi Tasty Crush is sold on our website (only available in Finnish language version) and in Prisma, K-supermarket and K-Citymarket.

Abroad – Elixi Tasty Crush is available on Amazon! Read English package information here