Elixi Flaxseed Licorice 150g

Kind to the taste buds and the stomach

The fiber-containing Elixi Flaxseed Licorice is linseed in its tastiest form. The licorice contains crushed flaxseed, which gives the licorice a piquantly nutty taste and a good addition in terms of fiber. Elixi Flaxseed Licorice is kind to both the taste buds and the stomach.

Product detals

Average nutritional valuesper 100 g
Energy1388kJ/321 kcal
Fat2,2 g
Carbohydrates67,4 g
of which sugars46,7 g
   fructose12,0 g
   glucose13,7 g
   sucrose20,9 g
Dietary fiber5,0 g
Protein6,5 g
Salt0 g


Syrup, wheat flour, crushed flaxseed, licorice extract, coloring (activated carbon), aniseed, salt (0.16%)